Mount Vernon Missionary Baptist Church - "The Church with the Helping Hands, That Sits on the Hill "
January                                                                                    Watch Services
February                                                                       Black History Program
March                                                                          Annual Preaching Rally
April                                                                                        Easter Program
                                                                                                    Homecoming, Friends and Family Day
May                                                                                         Spring Revival
                                                                                         Baccularate Service
                                                                    Pastor's And Wife 30th Year Ann.
June                                                                               Vacation Bible School
July                                                                                               Youth Day
August                                                             Senior Citizens Recognition Day
                                                                                           Male Chorus Ann.
September                                                                                    Fall Revival
                                                                                           Youth Choir Ann.
October                                        Mission, Brotherhood, Men and Women Day
December                                                                           Christmas Program
                                                                                               Watch Services